Potential Antifungal Activity of Two Plant Extracts and Jojoba Oil Against Fungi Causing Strawberry Crown and Root-Rots

Document Type : Original Article


Plant Pathology Research Institute, Agricultural Research Center, 12619, Giza, Egypt.


Evaluation of the potential antifungal activity of some plant extracts as fungicides alternatives on the growth of some pathogenic fungi (Fusarium solani, Macrophomina phaseolina and Rhizoctonia solani) causing strawberry crown and root rots was studied under in vitro and in vivo conditions. The evaluated plant extracts were garlic and radish beside jojoba oil. Linear growth of the tested fungi was decreased significantly by all the tested plant extracts as well as by increasing their concentrations compared to control. The fungal growth was completely inhibited at concentration of 15% of both garlic and radish extracts in case of Macrophomina phaseolina and Rhizoctonia solani. All tested plant extracts reduced the disease severity of crown and root rots on strawberry in the nursery, decreased the percentage of dead transplants and increased growth parameters. Treatment of strawberry transplants with plant extracts and jojoba oil pre-planting in the field significantly reduced crown and root rot diseases severity, increased early and total yield, also increased total sugars, phenols and anthocyanin as well as increased fruit firmness compared to control treatment. It was noticed that using mixtures of plant extract (double or triple) gave better results than using each alone. The obtained results in the present study suggest that using plant extracts as fungicides alternatives could be a promising method in controlling strawberry soil borne pathogenic fungi.